Michael W. Robinson


Conference Presentations

(Scheduled) Using Learning Analytics to Improve Instruction

WITX Conference; Ignite WITX April 9, 2013

The ISPI HPT Model Applied to a University Television Broadcast System upgrade. AECT Conference; Poster Session  Oct. 31,2012


Humanoid Robots Supporting Autistic Learners Study

WITX Conference; Ignite WITX April 18, 2012


MarineQuest's Virtual Classroom: From Design to Implementation

WITX Conference; Student Exhibition/Demonstration April 7, 2011



Workshop Presentations

Digital Signage and the University Community
Informational, October 2012

Managing Change: Repurposing materials from face to face delivery to virtual learning environments
Professional Development, April 2012

Using Humanoid Robots to Support Autistic Learners
Informational, March 2012

Instructional and Behavior Management Classroom Strategies for Autistic Learners

Professional Development, August 2011


ZAC Browser: Socialization and Educational Activities for Autistic Learners
Informational, July 2011


Phonics vs. Whole Language: A Blended Approach to Reading and Writing Literacy
Professional Development, March 2011


Phonological Awareness
Professional Development, April 2011

Using Online Resources and Materials for Developing 6-12 Writing Skills
Professional Development, March 2011


Incorporating Cognitive and Learning Aids in the Classroom
Professional Development, January 2011


Class-based Presentations

 Closing the Gap: Using Data Analysis for Course Design 

UNCW, MIT Course "Colloquium II" March 2015


The Coast Guard and Human Performance Technology
UNCW, MIT Course "Human Performance Technology" February 2014

Preparing the Project Management Plan

UNCW, MIT Course "Project Management for ID's" February 2014



As contributing author:

Robinson, M and Martin, F. (2015), Memoir Writing Instruction in an Asynchronous Format. Journal of Applied Instructional Design, 5.

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Robinson, M., Shear, R., Hicks, B., & Al Ghafri, T. (2012). On-line and Distance Learning: Past, Present, and Future. In R. Pastore (Ed.), Online Learning: An Instructional Technology Class's Exploration of Online Teaching and Learning. North Carolina: CreateSpace.

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Bobbert, D., Robinson, M. and Martin, F. (2012), The ISPI HPT model applied to a university television broadcast system upgrade. Perf. Improv., 51: 28–38. doi: 10.1002/pfi.21259

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